I have a Mac again! My wife upgraded to a MacBook Pro, so I am taking over her aging 13” Air. It is getting long in the tooth, but for simple tasks and text editing it is sufficient. My work machine is running Arch Linux and XMonad, so I will be putting Amethyst on the Mac to emulate a tiling window manager as I have become very used to the tiling paradigm.

In the beginning of January I started practicing martial arts, and I am already seeing huge dividends in terms of my physical shape and piece of mind. The master is a japanese man in his seventies who in incredible shape, and a real inspiration. Never too late to learn new skills

The scale is pointing the right way. I am tracking observations in an org-mode table which calculates the trend values, and then (still inside emacs) I call gnuplot to make an svg with the graph.

It took me a while, but I finally got to see Blade Runner 2049. I absolutely loved it, both visually and narratively. I am now working my way back through Villeneuve’s films, and next up is Sicario.

I am trying to learn chess properly. I still am really bad at it, but I am having a lot of fun. My train commute is now “The Daily Defeat” as I have yet to beat my phone :-)

Am I officially old? I got my first pair of glasses with progressive lenses today. Now I can see where I walk, and als glance at my phone without bumping up the font size to ridiculous levels. Nice to see again, but feeling ever so slightly seasick after the first hour with them.

Talk Talk were (and are) one of my favorite bands. Especially their late albums (and Mark Hollis’ eponymous solo album) are timeless pieces of brilliance.

My Micro Monday recommendation is for @bsag. She is a biologist with a tendency toward nerddom, and a great writer. Her blog is full of really interesting pieces, and she writes with contagious enthusiasm.

For collaborative work I use git for source control, but for my own pet projects I am still partial to fossil. I like the fact that it is lightweight and has a built-in wiki and issue tracker.

I’ve been using XMonad as a window manager for a few months now. It has gone from being a novelty to an integral part of my setup. Keybindings have become muscle memory, and dynamic workspace definitions keep my frequently used applications in the spaces I expect them. Love it!

After years of a mostly sedentary life I have recently taken up organized exercise three times a week. Already feeling an impact in terms of better mood, increased flexibility and peace of mind. It is good to get out of the chair!

I missed Blade Runner 2049 when it was at the cinemas, but today it was released in my local iTunes store. I foresee a long night in front of the television.

Handwritten notes on the iPad

I am getting more and more into handwritten notes on the iPad using GoodNotes. Usually I tend to write on whatever piece of paper is around, and notes frequently get lost. On the tablet I can find my notes, and even search them, as GoodNotes has OCR support and interprets what I write.