The less pleasant part of changing jobs is informing the current employer that you want to leave, particularly in a small company. That tricky part out of the way, I can now take a deep breath and prepare for the new one.

Since there seems to be quite a few pen geeks here, you might like to know that Cult Pens in the UK are offering free international shipping on orders over GBP 50.

Getting more and more tempted to get an AlphaSmart keyboard. In a way it feels like a step on the way to a typewriter.

Some months ago I spent a pretty penny on an iPad stand from Yohann. I thought at the time the purchase was a bit extravagant, but the stand has turned out to be a wonderful investment. I love it and use it all the time. At the desk, sitting in a chair, or in bed. Top marks!

For whatever reason I haven’t listened to David Sylvian in a long, long time. I am remedying that situation today.

One thing I have noticed since getting an Apple watch is that the phone is using a lot more power. I rarely get a full days with of usage without charging.

I guess UEFA Champions League is not huge in the community, but to anyone following the game, Cheers!