Yesterday I watched the film “Locke”. It was an intensely emotional and gripping experience. Tom Hardy does an amazing performance. One of the better films I’ve seen this year.

Anecdotal evidence only, but my anxiety level has dropped significantly lately, and the timing coincides with me quitting Twitter.

Flexible, responsive layout with sublayouts (windows can be joined in tabbed sublayouts which themselves can be moved freely), dynamic projects (workspaces that open defined apps) and named scratchpads (basically floating apps that can be summoned and dismissed with a keystroke)

One clear sign that I am spending more time in Emacs lately is that I find myself typing Ctrl-X Ctrl-S in Sublime Text, thus often deleting regions before saving :-P #musclememory

Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk is one of my all time favourite albums. Along with Mark Hollis’ solo album, I return to it time and time again.

I have learned/am learning Haskell and XMonad mostly by osmosis. I am thinking of writing an introduction to help ease newbies into the wonderful world of XMonad. I know I would have loved to have it when starting out.

I am thinking of Mulholland Drive as a relatively recent film, and was mildly shocked when I realised it is 16 years old. Time flies.

Ramping up for the new year, and have started filling in information in my agendas. I keep one for work and one for personal stuff as I like to keep things separate.

Some time ago I dropped Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and moved to Affinity Designer and Photo. I could not be happier, and today I received the Affinity Photo Workbook in the mail. Can’t wait to get going with the exercises to learn more.

On my laptop computer I have opted for a lean Arch Linux install with Xmonad as a Window Manager. Arch is not a distribution for the terminal-phobic, but the documentation is fantastic and setting it up is giving me a much more thorough understanding of my system.

I have fallen into a hithertoo (to me) unknown rabbithole: custom key caps for mechanical keyboards. Also realised that reddit now serves much the same purpose as usenet newsgroups did in the olden days.