One thing I have noticed since getting an Apple watch is that the phone is using a lot more power. I rarely get a full days with of usage without charging.

I guess UEFA Champions League is not huge in the community, but to anyone following the game, Cheers!

My boys are horrified that I eat horse meat. I wonder where that comes from and how it in their minds differs from beef.

I am generally not a fan of subscriptions, but for Drafts 5 I subscribed without batting an eyelid. The value I get from it more than justifies the expense.

She said “I do!”, I said “I do!”, 15 years ago today. Celebrating with a nice dinner out for the two of us, and the boys staying with their cousins!

Kindle and Calibre

Calibre might not be a pretty app, but for manging a Kindle library on and outside of the Kindle device, nothing else comes close. I buy all my books, but the first thing I do is to strip the copy protection from them. Thanks to Calibre’s plugin architecture this is a simple process using the DeDRM plugin. Many moons ago I had a sizeable library of books on the Palm handheld that I lost when the platform went belly-up.

Now I just want my books to be available to me independently of who is supplying the underlying technology. I don’t expect Amazon to fold anytime soon, but to be able to read the books I have bought from them on their platform or outside of it ois important to me.

Calibre is not a pretty app, but a good way of managing a Kindle library. Also, it is cross-platform. I buy all my books, but the first thing I do with them is stripping the DRM. Calibre plugins make that simple.